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Empowering Lawyers: Accessing Specialist Linguistic Support for Family Law Cases

    In family law circles, January is often termed "Divorce Month," marked by a noticeable increase in divorce filings following the holiday season. This trend aligns with a broader pattern observed over the past five years, indicating a consistent rise in the number of children and young people involved in family law proceedings. Recent data from Cafcass reveals a 12.4% increase in the annual workload concerning children, with private law proceedings experiencing a particularly significant surge of 17.2%. These statistics suggest a continuous growth in the demand for family law services, emphasising the ongoing need for support and guidance in addressing complex familial issues. For cases involving parents and/or spouses whose native language is not English, the lawyers may need the assistance of specialist interpreters and translators. Although in public law proceedings, the interpreter may be arranged for the court hearing itself, often, the pre-hearing and post-hearin

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